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The proposed useful model can be employed for flexible connection of mutually moving objects in different fields of machinery construction and instrument making, for example in antennas and illuminators, medical and scientific devices and in amateur fishery.

Flexors mass production is realized. Flexors look like straight cylindrical or conic rods made from single crystal alloy on copper base. At flexors production the useful model was used protected by certificate 32855. Depending on application a flexor can be in martensitic state and contain aluminium (13,4÷13,8)% and 3% of nikel. In pseudoelastic state a flexor contains (14,3÷14,5)% aluminium and 5% of nikel. Maximal element reversible deformation by means of bend comprises 8%. The flexor can be in martensitic state preserves its form acquired by external mechanical force influence after its removal. Pseudoelastic flexor restores its form in the same conditions.