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Organization systems and structures study UDC 007.5
LBC 87.3

B.M. Popov. Organization systems and structures study / JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie”. – Voronezh, 2009. – 86 p. ISÂN 978-5-900777-19-1

The monograph states the study about organizations, systems and structures based on presentation about its context dependency. There are also theory concepts and interdependency of its existence in communicative world as the integral triad. The theoretical platform used by the author - Trinitarian paradigm- stipulates another vision in relation to the traditional one of meanings “information” and “energy”.

The book is intended for wide range of readers interested in problems of organization and self-organization. The requirements to initial knowledge are not high. The information in the field of mathematics, physics and biology necessary for understanding are given in the course of exposition and a lot of examples are given which facilitates read material adoption. It can be used by teachers of technical institutes of higher education as additional training aids for students who learn designing of complicated complexes by organization including designing by means of nanotechnologies.

Key words: nanotechnology, interdependency, communicative world, the meaning of information quantity, triad “organization- system- structure”, Trinitarian paradigm, co-organization or synergy, Socrates inductive – dialectical method.

Doctor of technical science, Current member: Academy of military science, Russian academy of natural sciences, International academy of information science S.P. Rastorguev
Doctor of technical science, professor, major-general Yu.S. Sukhorukov

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