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JSC “NIISSU” Put into Operation Training Classes for Communication Operators Training

At the end of December, JSC “NIISSU” (part of JSC “Concern ”Sozvezdie“) commissioned a ”Complex of training classes for professionals working with the equipment of hardware complex “Redut-2US”.

Classes are organized on the basis of the engineering-technical training center of the Military Academy of Communications named after S. M. Budyonny. The total area of the premises is about 235 sq m. In total, about 65 people can be taught in 3 rooms.

Classes at the new site will provide students with primary theoretical and practical skills for configuration and operation of hardware and software, study the internal placement of hardware of communication equipment complex, gain experience in providing communication services to officials. Also, the exercises will help trainees to systemize the knowledge on the basics of constructing the information-communication systems, of work with software and of complex “Redut-2US” design.

It should be noted that execution of educational tasks between classes “Integrated communication compartment P-260-O” and “Integrated communication compartment P-260-U” is as close as possible to real conditions. There is also a possibility of counter-work with the field communication compartments of the Academy training center both via radio and via cable communication lines.

“These classes are necessary when training operators to work with the communication complex ”Redut-2US“, - said works manager Alexey Novgorodtsev. - Due to the training in classes, the resource consumption of field hardware available in the training center of the Academy is reduced, as well as the failure of existing vehicles related to the errors of students at the initial stage of the hardware study is reduced. The capacity of the class is not less than 15 signalers, while at the field communication compartment an accommodation is provided for not more than 5-7 people“.