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Concern will Start Production of a Protected Headset with an Integrated Radio Station

JSC “Zavod ”Luch“ (part of JSC ”Concern “Sozvezdie”) developed a version of the headset GSSh-01-01 with integrated digital radio which provides reliable communication within up to 500 m. The headset is equipped with a hearing protection system against acoustic shocks and is designed to provide radio communication within a small group of people (10-15 people). The dual-purpose article can be used by the Emergencies Ministry when performing works on liquidation of consequences of emergency situations, by security structures and by construction organizations. On a number of parameters, the headset has no domestic and foreign analogues. It can work in “field” conditions: withstands extremes of temperature, noise, exposure to precipitation, etc.

The transmitter of the radio station, which is part of the headset, provides output power up to 200 mW. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the operating frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 500 MHz. The modulation type 2FSK is used for data transfer. To increase the bandwidth of the channel it is possible to switch to 4FSK, 8 FSK. This will improve the quality of speech transmission, as well as provide an opportunity to convey additional information. The device can operate in the trunk network of standard “Citran” and use a temporary compression (up to 4 channels on one frequency). Also, the radio set allows cryptographic protection of the transmitted information.

In the future, the capabilities of the headset GSSh-01-01 with an integrated radio station are planned to be expanded. The article will be equipped with a GPS/ GLONASS module and sensors to monitor the status of the user. It will be able to work in two networks at the same time. Thus, depending on the selected key, the operator will be able to send messages both to the subdivision network and to the higher management. Serial production of the item is scheduled for 2018.