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Concern “Sozvezdie” Is Increasing the Volume of R & D in Cooperation with Universities

JSC “Concern ”Sozvezdie“ (Voronezh, a member of the united holding “Ruselectronics” of Rostec State Corporation) creates a scientific-educational base for carrying out R&D works in cooperation with leading universities. The project is implemented in partnership with Voronezh State University (VSU).

Thus, in December of last year at the Department “Telecommunications and electronic warfare systems” a special laboratory was opened intended to organize the educational process of future professionals, as well as to perform the research and development works. Today, the laboratory includes a lecture room and a display class for undergraduates on the discipline “Radio physics” and also for scientific presentations. In the near future it will be equipped with radio measuring equipment and a co-working area will be allocated.

The Concern expects to organize, on the basis of the laboratory, practical cooperation with the largest developers of radio systems and research centers, in particular, JSC “Design and Technology Center ”Electronics“ (Voronezh), the Air Force Academy named after professor N. Ye. Zhukovsky and Yu. A. Gagarin, the Moscow State Institute of Electronic Technology, the Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics named after V. A. Kotelnikov of RAS.

In the future, Concern “Sozvezdie” and Voronezh State University plan to create an educational center for measurement automation and scientific researches.

The Department “Telecommunication and electronic warfare systems” performs research and development of ultra-wideband antenna systems, radio location and communication systems based on ultra-wideband pulse signals, methods of synthesis and analysis of passive and active microwave structures, electronic suppression systems and noise immunity.

The concern and VSU have been developing cooperation for 50 years. Currently, graduates of the University of different years account for 25% of middle managers (from heads of sector to Directors of scientific-technical centers) and about 28% of developers of new equipment at the enterprise. Of the 177 PHDs working at “Sozvezdie” 33 people defended their dissertations at the VSU. Every year over 40 students of the University are practicing at the Concern.

On the initiative of the enterprise, in the curriculum on the specialty “Radio physics” the disciplines were introduced “Data processing in digital wireless communication systems” and “Nonlinear signal conversion in the transmission paths of radio equipment” as a special training of students. Courses “Numerical methods” and “Special functions” are developed for students of mathematical faculty of VSU.

The University and the enterprise also carry out scientific interaction: articles, reviews are published, for about 20 years the annual scientific-technical conference “Radar location, navigation, communication” is held. The event is attended by representatives of universities and industrial enterprises.

The largest manufacturer of means and systems of radio communication also implements educational programs and scientific-technical projects together with other specialized universities of Russia. In particular, “Sozvezdie” has been cooperating with the Voronezh State Technical University, International Institute of Computer Technologies (Voronezh), Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow Technological University (MIREA), Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI).