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15-18th of February 2011, Moscow, International exhibition center "Krokus Expo"

215 participants of the forum from 10 countries presented its products and solutions. 37 innovation products were nominated for the forum prize. 12880 people visited the exhibition. The exposition was held in three sections: technical means and security systems, equipment and security systems of information and communication, security means for transport. Roscosmos and Russian Federal Security Service (FSS) presented its collective expositions. At forum opening RF deputy government chairman Sergey Ivanov made his speech and noted that development of security means and systems is one of the priority directions of Russian innovative progress.

Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011

JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” demonstrated in operation for the first time “Argon” - the complex of technical means (CTM) of VHF digital confidential communication serially manufactured in composition of portable and mobile radio sets, GSM gateway, retransmitter and other equipment. At the concern stand Ryazan radio plant (included in the concern structure) demonstrated the training equipment complex to learn how to operate CTM means.

CTM “Argon” is intended for communication organization between the complex subscribers group with the access into networks of general use (GSM, urban exchange GATS). It provides simultaneous data and voice information transmission in open mode and using in-built cryptographic security means as on fixed frequency (FF) and also in FH mode.

The complex “Argon” by level of functionality exceeds all home analogs (serially manufactured) and is not worse than the last samples of such leading world firms as «Motorola» (3000 series) and «Harris» (AN/PRC series) by criterion price/level of presented services.

CTM “Argon” is software and hardware platform for realization on its base communication systems which can be successfully used in departments of the RF Ministry of defense, in force agencies, Ministry of emergencies, Russian railways, oil and gas companies, banks, guard and security services of different organizations.

Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011

The profitable stand location, original design with the company symbols attracted visitors’ attention. During the exhibition operation “Sozvezdie” stand was visited by several hundred people, including representatives of special services, The Ministry of Defense, The Ministry of Emergencies, Federal Guard Service, JSC “Russian railways”, RF Sberbank and other banks. The stand also visited representatives of different organizations and companies of Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Armenia. The offer to certify CTM “Argon” in RF Ministry of communication as soon as possible was made. The negotiations were conducted including the representative of RF Ministry of Defense Eugene Robertovich Meichik.

A lot of concern stand’s visitors and guests had the possibility to see how CTM “Argon” operates. For example, FSUE “Rosoboronexport” tested the radio sets operation with access (via GSM-gateway) into networks of general use both cellular and wire and highly appraised the complex advantages. The information was provided with the help of leaflets and brochures. Slides and videos demonstrated technical characteristics and functional capabilities of the complex.

On the first day of the forum operation CTM “Argon” was awarded the golden medal and the forum diploma for the victory in the competition program of ŐVI International forum "Security technologies-2011".

Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011Security technologies-2011


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