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  • The system presents the modern high-technology solution of remote monitoring and control of moving objects condition and parameters in real-time mode.
  • The system tracks location and condition of moving objects and also saves in the database the moving history of each object. Moving objects tracking is made by means of global satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS. The monitoring is done in real-time mode at switching to Internet.
  • The system is widely used in transport enterprises, in agriculture, in systems of city and inter-city transport monitoring, in automated logistic systems.



  • moving objects location determination and moving path;
  • transmission of the telemetry from the mobile center to the control center;
  • transmission from the control center of remote control commands with the help of mobile object equipment;
  • voice communication of mobile object driver with the controller;
  • alarm button on the mobile object for emergency call;
  • determination of time, place and duration of the object standing;
  • fuel expense control;
  • determination of place and time of fuel filling and emptying;
  • identification of the mobile object driver by electronic (plastic) map with the possibility of separate account of movement parameters, fuel expense and telemetry for drivers;
  • coupling with the unlimited set of telemetry sensors and execution units of remote control;
  • control of route tracking and movement schedule;
  • increased accuracy of running account which is made by the equipment at the mobile object on the base of data about speed and time defined in satellite navigation systems more accurately than of location position;
  • mobile object location position definition at absence of satellite navigation systems signals reception by signal of base station cellular communication;
  • removable add-in modules providing the equipment coupling with unlimited range of telemetry sensors and execution units of remote control.




On-board navigation module SKL 101

Standard modification

On-board navigation module SKL 101

In metal case

Autonomous navigation module SKL 301

Portable navigation module SKL 201;

On-board navigation module SKL 121

Personal tracker

Operating temperature range,


Dimensions, mm

1556644 1156531 20012075 1556644 1556644 707030

The unit weight, kg

0,2 0,3 2,6 0,2 0,3 0,07

Data transmission method

GPRS, class »
System of location definition GLONASS/GPS GPS
Interface RS-232 -

Voltage supply, V

740 12

Consumed current in tracking mode, mA

40 50 40

Method of connection to the base station

Direct connection Direct connection In-built accumulator Cigarette lighter jack Direct connection In-built accumulator

Consumed current in transmission mode, mA

200 220 200

Body material

plastic aluminum polycarbonate plastic polycarbonate
Operation time in autonomous mode, hrs - - 120 - - 16

Number of analog inputs

- - - - 4 -
Number of quantized inputs - - - - 5 -
Connection of additional sensors - - - - + -

Mean lifetime

5 years