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Concern Sozvezdie presents own solution of fourth generation communication system AstraMAX system. The system includes the network operating center (NOC), base stations and also subscriber devices of different form-factors.

Subscriber stations

  • Customer Premises Equipment - CPE Indoor

AstraMAX CPE Indoor provides high-speed Internet access at home or at the office. For connecting with your PC, notebook or local network Ethernet interface is used. Thanks to spaced reception on two antennas high-speed data transmission and stable operation is provided even in absence of line of sight from communication operator base station. The device are installed and connected automatically.



Radio communication standard IEEE 802.16e-2005
Interface Ethernet
Maximum radiation power 100 mW
Frequency range (depends on the model) 2,3-2,7 GHz; 3,4-3,6 GHz
In direct channel 10 Mbit/s
In reverse channel 4 Mbit/s
Antennas configuration SISO, MRC
Antennas gain 5 dBi
Network functions Routing, NAT and DHCP(server/client)
Control NMS, WEB-interface, Telnet

  • CPE Outdoor

AstraMAX CPE Outdoor is a mobile WiMAX modem intended for high-speed Internet access for outdoor use. When placed on the huse wall or roof the device is oriented on the WiMAX base station to provide direct radio visibility. The subscriber station is simple to set and supports main networking functions and can be a router (DHCP, NAT).

Thanks to its efficiency and simple installation and many connection variants AstraMAX CPE Outdoor is the optimal solution for connecting corporate and private subscribers.



Radio communication standard IEEE 802.16e-2005
Interface Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (PoE)
Maximum radiation power 200 mW
Frequency range (depends on the model) 2,3-2,7 GHz; 3,4-3,6 GHz
In direct channel 10 Mbit/s
In reverse channel 4 Mbit/s
Operating temperature range from - 40 up to 55
Antennas configuration SISO
In-built antenna gain 15,5 dBi
Network functions , NAT DHCP(/)
Control NMS, WEB-interface, Telnet
Power supply PoE 48V (via injector AC/DC)

  • USB-modem

It is the most compact modem out of AstraMAX subscriber devices. USB-modem is the most widely-spread format of high-speed mobile access to mobile WiMAX network from personal computers and notebooks.



Radio communication standard IEEE 802.16e-2005
Interface USB 2.0
Maximum radiation power 63 mW
Frequency range (depends on the model) 22,3-2,7 GHz; 3,4-3,6 GHz
In direct channel 9 Mbit/s
In reverse channel 3 Mbit/s
In-built antenna gain 6 dBi
Antennas configuration SISO, MRC

AstraMAX base stations

Radio access equipment AstraMAX BS OUTDOOR PICO is one sector base station of mobile WiMAX standard. In WiMAX networks AstraMAX base station fulfills functions of transceiving equipment and provides mobile subscribers radio access IEEE 802.16e 2005 in the mode point - multipoint. Multi sector base station should consist of the corresponding number of one sector transceivers AstraMAX BS OUTDOOR PICO. Each device is installed with directed antenna.



Antennas configuration SISO, MRC, MIMO 2x2
Radio communication standard IEEE 802.16e-2005 (SOFDMA)

Frequency range (depends on the model)



2,3 - 2,7 GHz

3,4 - 3,6 GHz

Data transmission rate (channel) 30 Mbit/s
Duplex method TDD
Modulation QPSK, 16QAM 64QAM
Maximum radiation power 1 W
Signal bandwidth 5 MHz, 7 MHz, 8.75 MHz, 10 MHz
Range of action Up to 20 km
Interface Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
Operating temperature range -40...+50 º
Control NMS, Telnet, RCMS
Power supply ~220 V/48 V, 40 W

Network operating center (NOC)

AstraMAX network operating center realizes the interface between the radio access network and different IP-services and applications provided by operator of mobile WiMAX.

By means of NOC servers the logic of service provision to mobile subscribers is realized. NOC controls the whole system and provides Internet connection, corporate and other necessary networks connection.

NOC offered by JSC ConcernSozvezdie is realized by centralized architecture principle when access network gateway is placed with other NOC elements in the single box.

NOC is supplied as the integrated solution of ready configuration for rapid network roll-in and has flexibility and scalability in accordance with subscribers number and type. All NOC elements comply with industrial telecommunication standards and are mounted into the separate rack 19.

The flat network architecture allows communication operator simplifying the system control and support. It also reduces expenses for building and gives the possibility to organize additional services for subscribers.

NOC base configuration includes:

  1. Access gateway - ASN-GW. It is the key element in AstraMAX complex solution, provides network interfaces from base stations via WiMAX interface by standard R6, controls user sessions (-server and security), routing and mobility. Standard cell ASN-GW (height 1U) is placed in the telecommunication rack and provides support of 10 000 users. Access gateway has the possibility of buildup and can support up to 64 000 users in the maximal configuration.
  2. Applications server. Highly efficient applications server (height 1U) placed in the rack on the base of 4-nuclear processor and hard disks with the function of hot change which provides standard CSN functionalities (AAA, DHCP, DNS, MobileIP etc.).
  3. Switchboard of L2 level. Switchboard Netgear FS726T of L2 level and height 1U with 24 ports forms two switch areas of access and basic network.

Depending on the scenario of application and the present transport infrastructure NOC can include additional voice gateway (VoIP) and router.

During the commercial use for NOC equipment the separate room with a conditioner, ground loop and system of uninterruptable power supply ~220V/1000 W is needed. For NOC functions control and the whole system working places for operators are organized equipped with personal computers.

All NOC components contain open IP-interfaces; its functionality is adapted simultaneously for mobile WiMAX networks.