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Rostec Appointed a New Management Team of Concern Sozvezdie

Within the frame of implementation of radio-electronic cluster’s strategy of Rostec State Corporation there have been held personnel changes in Concern Sozvezdie, Voronezh (member of Ruselectronics United Holding by Rostec State Corporation). Alexey Bocharov, previously heading the SPA Angstrem, has been appointed Interim Director General of Concern Sozvezdie.

Alexey Bocharov graduated from Ryazan State Radioengineering University; in 2006 he completed the curriculum of Executive MBA training program of the Higher School of Economics. He headed Arsenal Plant, and worked as a Deputy Director General of Television Research and Development Institute (member of Ruselectronics Holding); he is well-familiar with the unique features of the Corporation’s enterprises. Since 2014 he had been working in Angstrem group of companies, including as Director General of the SPA Angstrem.

“Alexey Bocharov is well-familiar with the unique features of the State Corporation’s enterprises, he has a considerable experience in managing the production in high-tech sector,” - says Sergey Kulikov, Rostec State Corporation’s Industrial Director of Electronic Cluster, when commenting the appointment.

Concern Sozvezdie includes more than 20 enterprises in 10 Russian regions and is the major producer of communication systems in the Russian Federation. Up until recently it has been the member of the United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), within which it was integrated into Ruselectronics United Holding during strategic changes of the structure of Rostec State Corporation’s electronic cluster in 2017. Within Ruselectronics Holding’s modernized strategy Concern Sozvezdie in Voronezh will house a Communication Facilities field division.

The issue of confirming the appointment of Alexey Bocharov as Director General has been brought to the agenda of the special meeting of the shareholders, which is planned to be held on September 11th  2017. As Director General Alexey Bocharov will supersede Alexander Yakunin.