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Concern Sozvezdie supplied the Forces with first consignment of breakthrough communication system

JSC Concern Sozvezdie (member of united holding Ruselectronics) supplied Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with the first consignment of unified facilities “Antei”. Experimental area will be organized based on the machinery where tests on the article’s performance characteristics as part of field communication centers will be conducted. Radio centers constructed at “Antei” system facilities will provide top control levels of all the Russian regions with automated high frequency communication.

“Antei” significantly increases field and stationary radio centers’ capabilities. It provides automated data, telephone and telegraph transmission in the interference conditions for up to several thousand kilometers. The main peculiarities of the system include high level of automation of service staff activities and communication including planning, organizing and control of radio communication.

“For more than 30 years there were no complex designs such as “Antei” in Russian radio industry, - Vasily Dolgikh, a Deputy Chief Designer of the articles, stressed. – In the past interaction with communication center was accomplished in the voice mode but now we do it using automated workstations according to command protocol controlled by ACS. It significantly minimizes personnel’s mistakes, reduces duration of control cycles and increases the whole system’s operation efficiency. In contrast to previous systems, such as “Poisk”, “Zarevo” etc., “Antei” has interactive program for control with wide capabilities of rendering communication equipment and channels embedded. It significantly facilitates work with system’s articles.”

“Antei’ is the first one among radio centers where solid-state HF-VHF amplifiers with capability to operate to all the field antenna types at the halt and on the move were realized and used. Embedded function of ionosphere-wave and frequency-supervisory service (in the past separate machines and special personnel were used for it) facilitates finding optimal frequencies for radio transmission and significantly increases system’s efficiency when used autonomously for a long time.

System “Antei” is constructed at receivers and exciters “Tishina” based on SDR technology and providing operation with all standard radio signal types used in Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Besides HF modems with increased interference immunity are realized.

-technology and software-defined platform of the articles allow to regularly update software adding new functions and extending capabilities. This guarantees system article lifespan increase and provides them with continuous actuality for the whole life cycle.