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Concern Sozvezdie developed first in Russia transistor operating in extreme conditions

JSC Concern Sozvezdie (member of JSC United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation of Rostec State Corporation) has developed the first in Russia import-substituting high-power SHF Gallium Nitride transistors. The device provides operation of aviation, space and military equipment in extreme conditions when undergoing special impact and when the ambient temperature ranges between -60C and +125C.

Being developed by JSC Research Institute for Electrotechnology, Voronezh, (member of JSC Concern Sozvezdie) this invention complies with the leading world analogues. The transistor was produced with the use of modern Gallium Nitride technology on semi-insulating silicized carbon (GaN/SiC); the main advantage of such approach is high specific power output of equipment (more than 3 W/mm) and its enhanced resistance to special external impact. For instance, technical facilities equipped with these transistors could operate in the Arctic or underwater.

The use of the developed 10-Watt Gallium Nitride transistor in SHF special- and dual-purpose equipment decreases mass-dimensional characteristics of end products, - said Dmitry Kozhanov, director general of JCS Research Institute for Electrotechnology. The invention could be used in equipment operating at up to 6 GHz frequency with 28 V power supply voltage, for example, in radio communication systems, radar equipment and EW facilities.

Nowadays the companies of interest complete the tests of the developed transistors within their equipment.

In the long term, serial production of high-power SHF GaN transistors with 28 V and  50 V working supply voltage of is planned. Only in home market the demand for high-power SHF Gallium Nitride transistors increases 100 thousand articles per year, roughly estimated.