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Grigory Elkin headed United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation

Grigory Elkin’s nomination as an Interim Director General of JSC UIMC has been supported by the board of directors. The new leader is faced with the task to perform the holding company’s integration into an incorporated company, which is being established in Rostec State Corporation’s electronic cluster.

As previously reported, since mid-February 2017 Grigory Elkin has also been heading JSC Russian Electronics – on the basis of this very holding company there is being formed the new company, which will integrate about 170 radio electronic industry enterprises, including UIMC’s companies. The megaholding being established is destined to be the biggest player on the market of communication facilities, ACS, radio electronic reconnaissance systems and some types of hi-tech civil-purpose products.

Since 2015 Grigory Elkin has been the general designer of ACS and communication of the RF AR. For several years he has been heading Research Institute for Automatic Equipment, which is one of the leading Russian companies in the field of army automated control system development. In JSC UIMC he is a member of the board of directors and held a position of the First Deputy Director General.