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Alexander Yakunin headed JSC Concern Sozvezdie

Rostec State Corporation has officially launched the process of integrating Russian Electronics with United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation holding company. As a result of asset consolidation there will be established a nationwide radio electronic company which will be the major producer of communication facilities, automated control systems and other types of hi-tech military- and civil-purpose products.

The establishment of the company will conclude the successive stage of integration processes in this sector. The new company will include nearly 170 enterprises and scientific organizations with consolidated revenue of about 180 billion rubles per year.

Russian Electronics holding company, which will be the basis for the integration, is one of the oldest radio electronic companies in Russia. It was established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation on July 1997 and incorporates more than 100 industrial and scientific organizations. UIMC holding company was established on 2014 and incorporates more than 60 companies of the sector, including such integrated structures as Sozvezdie and Vega concerns.

At present UIMC and Ruselectronics are separately presented on the market of communication facilities, ACS, SHF-electronics, computer engineering and telecommunications equipment. Their integration will fully eliminate internal competition and organize comprehensive work to achieve the results required by the country in field-specific areas.

During the integration there have been officially performed first personnel appointments. Rostec State Corporation’s Supervisory Board has supported Grigory Elkin’s (the general designer of ACS and communication of the RF AR) nomination as an Interim Director General of the integrated company (Ruselectronics holding company).

Ruselectronics’ Board of Directors has named Azret Bekkiev to a post of Deputy Director General of Ruselectronics (basic holding of the integrated company); previously he headed UIMC’ leading  manufacturer, namely Concern Sozvezdie in Voronezh.

Alexander Yakunin has been appointed Head of Concern Sozvezdie; previously he held a post of the Head of UIMC. Within the integrated company Concern acts as a directing agency in the field of communication, information and technical warfare and ACS.

“Messrs. Bekkiev and Yakunin have a great executive experience in governmental bodies and industry,” – says Grigory Elkin, Interim Director General of the integrated company. “Both of them took part in establishing holding companies, headed major scientific and manufacturing organizations and achieved considerable success”.

In accordance with Rostec State Corporation’s decision the process of effecting single control of the companies is nearly completed and all the procedures concerning establishment of the integrated company are to be finished within four months. Before that it is also planned to form the basic management team of the new integrated company.