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Anton Petrovich Bilenko

(1924 —1991)

Voronezh research and development communication institute (VRDCI) director in 1958-1959 and in 1961-1962.

During 20 years Ŕ.P. Bilenko was the Institute science director. He worked as director, chief engineer, deputy science director.

He is the specialist in the field of modern communication and control systems theory and practice. He was the first VRDCI candidate and doctor by the Institute subjects and professor. He is the author of many printed works about radio communication development of applied and fundamental character.

Bilenko is the laureate of the USSR Lenin and State prizes in science and technology field. In 1977 he received the title - Hero of Socialistic labour and was appointed Moscow R&D radio communication institute (MNIIRS) director.

Pavel Petrovich Gorbunov

(1901 – 1980)

VRDCI director in 1959-1960.

Engineer-colonel, the first enterprise director (VRDCI, JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” at present moment). During the period he paid attention to the institute establishment as a science enterprise. He took part in making first radio equipment samples.

He is a highly qualified engineer, scientist, and the author of the book about antenna devices and teacher of first military specialists.

For his successful work he received eight state awards.

Arkadiy Ivanovich Balandin

(Was born in 1928)

VRDCI director from 1962 till 1964.

In 1960 he was appointed a senior engineer in the Institute after discharge from the USSR army. In 1961 he became a laboratory head and in 1962 he was appointed VRDCI director.

From 1960 till 1963 under Balandin guidance SHF duplex communication systems for the USSR river craft “Kama-S”, “Kama-P” were developed which were the first stations of SHF frequency range. By his initiative VRDCI started to develop “Sura” HF communication system for communication with foreign embassies.

He is the author of 7 scientific works, the candidate of science.

Konstantin Yakovlevich Petrov


VRDCI director from 1964 till 1986.

From 1965 till 1974 under Petrov guidance the institute developed over 40 new communication means, 32 from which were serially manufactured and 6 systems were at the stage of implementation.

He is the participant of WW, laureate of the USSR Stalin and state prizes in science and technology field and awarded with two Lenin orders and Red Star order. He received the titles “RSFSR Honoured man of science and technology”, “Honoured radio industry and communication means worker”.

Afterwards a special prize under K.Ya. Petrov was founded which is given to Concern young developers.

Vasiliy Ivanovich Borisov

(was born in 1939)

The enterprise general director from 1986 till 2008.

Vasiliy Ivanovich Borisov worked as an ordinary engineer and rose up to general director of the country leading enterprise of communication means and systems development and production. Borisov made a large personal contribution in creation of communication complexes and systems whole range for RF armed forces, agencies and other forces. He developed base theory and principles of radio communication systems with enhanced noise-immunity application. Under his guidance a lot of systems were developed which have been used for a long time in the army: “Vystrel”, “Absats”, “Berkut”, “Arbalet” and others.

Vasiliy Ivanovich Borisov is the author of 140 scientific works, 9 textbooks, 5 monographs.

He is the Doctor of science, professor, RAS corresponding member, the laureate of the USSR and RF State prizes, the holder of the following orders “Honour mark”, of Labour Red Banner and “Order of Motherland merit of IV degree”.

Yuriy Victorovich Sidorov

(was born in 1952)

JSC «Concern «Sozvezdie» general director from 2009 till 2011.

He works in VRDCI from 1974. He went through all stages of career growth from enterprise engineer to general director. He is the head of many design works (DW) and research and development works including “Akveduk MK” and “Kassiopeya” navigation complex of data recognition and data exchange. The chief designer of the single tactical forces control system (DW «Sozvezdie-Ě»).

He is Doctor of science. He has over 40 scientific works, 1 tutorial and 5 inventions.

He was awarded “Friendship order”.

Bekkiev Azret Yusupovich

Bekkiev Azret Yusupovich

(was born in 1952)

General Director of JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” from august 2011

He graduated from Moscow state university named after M.V. Lomonosov (1976) physics department. He worked at High-mountain geophysical institute in Nalchik city (1981-1990); general director of JSC “VEO RAN”, JSC “Rosvooruzhenie-KB”, Nalchik (1990-2000) ); the head of the Department of military programs and reforming of defense and industry complex (DIC) of the RF Ministry of industry, science and technologies (2000-2004); Deputy director of the Department of DIC of the RF Ministry of industry and energy (2004-2006); the head of the RF State Duma Committee of industry, building and high technologies (2006-2008); the head of the Department of industrial policy, innovations and strategic development of State corporation “Rostechnologies”, Governing Body of state corporations’ (2008-august 2011).

He is the Laureate of Lenin Komsomol prize, the RF state prize, the RF government prize. He is awarded the certificate of honor of RF government. The Doctor of technical sciences. corresponding member of Russian Academy of Missile and Ammunition Sciences, the present member of the Academy of military sciences.