"Serdolik" communication system provides adaptive duplex radio communication in HF range between correspondent points and the center in stationary conditions. .


The main operation type in the radio channel is multi-frequency telegraphy (MFT) with single-band upper sideband suppressed carrier modulation. In order to transmit data with the rate of 200 bit/s thirty-four frequency code is used. The code each position complies with the definite frequency in the band from 1 380 to up to 2 740 Hz with frequency spacing 40 Hz. Code positions transmission into the radio channel is made serially.


  • Operator working place technical means complex “ Serdolik OAWP1
  • Correspondent point technical means complex - TMC4 “Serdolik CP2”;
  • Technical means complex of minimal configuration for correspondent points “Serdolik MCP3
Main characteristics
Frequency range, ÌHz 3 … 30
Data transmission rate, bit/s 200, 1 200, 2 400
Validity loss gain at data reception ≤5*10-3
Communication range, km 9000
Communication reliability 0,9

1. OAWP - operator automated working place
2. CP - Correspondent point
3. MCP - minimial configuration corresponding point
4. TMC - technical means complex