HF-VHF R-168E “Akveduk” sets are designed for stable noise immune and reconnaissance immune communication in the frequency range from 1.5 to 108 MHz in difficult operating conditions for all units from a soldier to a division commander.

Operation modes:

  • Simplex, two-frequency simplex and duplex operation modes;
  • Frequency hopping;
  • Adaptive automated communication;
  • Voice and digital information technical masking;
  • Scan reception by preset frequencies (up to 64 );
  • Selective and circular communication;
  • Manual and automated data input;
  • Data retransmission;
  • Joint operation with radio sets of old generation.


  • Economizer for portable and manpack radio sets to save power consumption;
  • Frequency hopping for communications in the environments of enemy automated countermeasures means operation;
  • High rate of operating VHF and HF radio means frequency tuning by the set algorithm within the whole operating band;
  • Adaptive automated address communications for stable operation in jamming environments. Radio sets automatically analyze jamming environments on the dedicated frequencies and switch to the minimum jamming level band if required;
  • Technical masking excludes unauthorized conversations listening by a radio channel.
  • Easy use provided by automated selection and input of frequency keys and other radio data into a radio set.
  • Functional-modular principle of radio sets structure allows module replacement repair in field workshops.

“Akveduk” radio sets modernization

R-168 “Akveduk” portable radio sets

HF R-168-5KE portable radio set

VHF R-168 “Akveduk” portable and portable-vehicular radio sets

VHF R-168 “Akveduk” vehicular radio sets

SHF R-168E portable and portable-vehicle radio sets

HF R -168-5KNE “Akveduk” handheld radio set

HF R-168E “Akveduk” vehicular radio sets

R-168-0.5U(R)Å retransmitter

“R- 168MA(5)E” voice masking device

R-168MVE vehicle masking device

R-168MP marker transmitter

R-168PP search receiver