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Concern źSozvezdie╗ is the integration of electronics enterprises in Russia.

At present the Concern consists of 20 enterprises specializing in electronics, each of which has its own line. The head enterprise of the Concern is Voronezh Research Institute of Telecommunications founded in 1958. It became the base for the establishment of what we now recognize as Concern źSozvezdie╗.

The Concern strives to develop and produce high-tech control and communication intellectual systems, radio electronic warfare and special equipment to meet the needs of the military forces and other special institutions. The Đoncern aims at developing modern systems and facilities, civil and telecommunications products on the basis of the latest research and technology achievements and innovative technologies.


Concern źSozvezdie╗ focuses on 3 key lines of production which include:

  • military-oriented production;
  • dual-purpose products;
  • dual-purpose products and professional communication and control systems.


Functioning as a whole organism the Concern followsseveral main lines of activity. It focuses on developing and producing such items as:

  • automated control systems and communication systems for the tactical sector;
  • automated control systems and communication systems for anti-missile defense and air defense systems;
  • automated communication systems and electronic warfaretools;
  • automated communication and control systems of special purpose;
  • professionalcommunication systems and communication means and systems of general use.


The Concern regularly participates in international and interregional exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zhukovsky and Voronezh where the company displays its goods and technologies.


The long and rich history of ConcernźSozvezdie╗ together with the high qualityspecialists and respect for the traditions of the company help the Concern to stay at the top of the Russian electronic industry.

JSC ôConcern ôSozvezdieö
Address: 394018 Voronezh, 14 Plekhanovskaya Street
Tel/ fax: (473) 252-12-13
e-mail: office@sozvezdie.su