JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie”
Address: Voronezh city, 14 Plekhanovskaya Street
Phone: +7 (473) 252-12-59
Fax: +7 (473) 235-50-88
JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” representative
Address: Moscow city, 26 Varshavskoe highway
Phone.: +7 (499) 611-90-94
Fax: +7 (499) 611-43-93


Employees of JSC “Sozvezdie” Concern have been given an opportunity to join a new Corporate pension program
On the 23d of May leaders of Private pension fund (particularly the company president Arkadi Nedbai and vice-president of the company Vladimir Monahov) “Al’yans” payed business visit to JSC “Sozvezdie” ...
Ŕ. Yu. Bekkiyev has been appointed engineer general of ACACSoTU
According to the resolution of Military-industrial committee belonging to the Government of the Russian Federation that dates on 24 April 2013 Director general of JSC Sozvezdije Consern Azret ...
Celebration in honor of veterans of the Great Patriotic War
The former employees of JSC “Sozvezdiye” Concern (participants of the Great Patriotic War, rear workers, children of concentration camp prisoners) were invited to concern the day before the important ...
Radio Day celebration in «Sozvezdije» Concern
On the 7th of May gala concert devoted to the three remarkable data at the same time – 55-years of concern foundation, Radio Day and Victory Day – took place.   Deputy director general V.I. ...
V.V. Artyakov was elected board of directors chairman in JSC “Sozvezdie” Concern
On the 24th of April JSC “Sozvezdie” Concern board of directors meeting that was elected on stockholders’ general extra meeting took place. The meeting consisted of: V.V. Artyakov – Deputy director general ...